NGSS Inspired Professional Development for K-12 Teachers, Graduate Students, Scientists & Informal Educators

The PD Roundtable brings together educators in new ways to explore what it means to engage in lifelong learning and creative exploration of the world around us. 

By creating and providing unique, innovative, research-based professional development programs the PD Roundtable is able to bring together educators, artists, scientists, and administrators. All PD Roundtable programs are inspired by, and based upon, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The PD Roundtable is based in Portland, Oregon.

Cristina Trecha launched the PD Roundtable in 2014 bringing a decade of experience creating, running, and evaluating professional development for educators from all settings. She is currently housed in the Center for Science Education at Portland State University where she is working with a cadre of over 60 K-6 teachers from throughout Oregon as they try on the NGSS in their classrooms. A trained entomologist and historian of science, she was Director of the San Diego Science Project at UC San Diego from 2011-2014, and the Director of the Fleet Inquiry Institute for Teacher Professional Development from 2007-2013.